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Enjoy it when the sun is just in time! ---- COOWIN Christmas Activity Record Of the Year 2016

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After a depressive haze weather, a bright sunshine weather finally come back for Qingdao on Dec.24th of the year 2016. With this long-lost warm feeling, our long-anticipated annual celebration for Christmas is also come as plan.


Early 7:30 in the morning, everybody has gathered together. Though at that time the outdoor temperature is nearly 0 degree centigrade,no one has disappointed or unhappy. Instead we can see the excitement showed on their red faces. Took all things and snack, we stepped on the bus and started to today’s destination ---- Huangdao Coast!


Full of music and laughter on the road, this a half-hour’s drive seemed really short. Just has arrived the beach villa, everybody couldn’t wait to start playing on the seashore. Chased the waves, picked the colorful shells, took photos, even played the body letters game! Used our body to represent the English letters, some had to bend the body while some had to extend body, and for some letters need several person work together. When our company name COOWIN showed on the seashore, a big accomplishment well up in our heart, and the same as our team cohesion.


After a short play on the seashore, it was the show time of this Christmas activity highlight ---- Team Karaoke Friendly Match! We set 3 rounds for this match, respectively were man songs, lady songs and choral songs. For every match, both team select the right person to compete, and cumulative points to win. From We can use a phrase to describe their surprise performance: crouching tiger, hidden dragon. From tender sound, fresh voice, to hot yelling, every style was wonderful. Finally, Team COOWIN had better performance and won the souvenir. Tough Team Barefoot lost the game, they all calmly accepted a little punishment ---- mustard + chili bread.


Near the lunch time of 12 o’clock, we came together and enjoyed the delicious hot pot. Hot chili soup, nice food, everybody talked and laugh, what a leisure time.


Have dined and wined to satiety, and had a enough break, we went back to the seashore and started an interesting games relay. Part one was Spin Round the Sky and Earth ( a person turn around on site for 10 circle and then run for a distance ), part two was the Blind Back the Lame, part three was Back to Back Clip Balloon, part four was Three Legged Race. One finished then the second can start, timing the time of all parts and the team with less time win. Every part seems not really difficult but still need perfect cooperation with team members. In the last, Team Barefoot used less time than Team COOWIN and gained souvenir.


As the saying, happy time always goes too fast. When the light of sunset fell on the seashore, we had to prepare for homeward way, and COOWIN Christmas activity was near the end. This day the weather was wonderful, the activities were good enough, we do look forward to next year’s Christmas and best wishes for next year too. Just like the phrase we write on the front: enjoy it when the sun is just in time!