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Coowin Group Market Agent Plan In 2017

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Coowin Group Market Agent Plan In 2017

----Africa Market Agent


1. Africa Market Instruction

2. Wood Plastic Market Instruction

3. Coowin Group Instruction

4. Cooperation Ways

5. Potential Profit & Deep Cooperation

一. Africa Market Instruction

      In terms of current world economic situation, there is no doubt that the Africa continent belongs to lowest economic level. But precisely because the low economic level in general, it has also attracted the global investor’s attention. For these investors, Africa is a commercial virgin land with a lot possibilities. So that they call it blue ocean market in the global industries.

      There was a report issued by the McKinsey Global Institute in 2010, it showed that the amount of Africa GDP had a average annual growth of 4.9% from 2000 to 2008. It had become one of the fastest growing regions in the world, and it will continue to increase one trillion dollars in the next decade. There was data shows that South Africa has became one of highest return on investment regions, which is 60% higher than India, Vietnam and other Asian countries.

      Except the South Africa, Nigeria, Egypt and Angola, there are still more than 10 countries have a rapid economic development and worth to attention. The Africa market not only provide vast resources, have the potential to develop. And more importantly, it can be described as an effective key to enter the European market.  

二. Wood Plastic Market Instruction

       In the present background of globalization, more and more industries have been subdivided into several parts or even be replaced to disappear. But for some industries, they will not be replaced in a century or longer. Such as new energy, new medical field, high precision technology, new Internet areas and natural alternative materials. By now the wood plastic is one of the natural alternative materials which has excellent features, including large applicable scope, good substitution effect (for natural wood), long service lifetime, etc.

       Wood plastic material mainly used for outdoor decoration, like outdoor floor, wall panel, and other application in outdoor. It has outstanding alternative effects. In general, its service lifetime can be 10-15 times of wood, also effective characters including anti-corrosion, moisture proof, mildew proof, insect bite assistance. It can save labor and other cost by no painting, and also guarantee the material 100% nontoxic. Since we all know that the environment protect is a strict requirement in Africa developed regions.


In Africa, especially in some developed regions, the wealth gap is bigger than other regions,such a production with good price performance ratio absolutely will be welcomed by most people. And for some area with good economy the tree cutting is forbidden, wood plastic composite as a environmental material, recycle the wood and plastic, with a long service lifetime, can effectively reduce the wood cutting. Also good for customer to reduce the purchase cost, labor cost and transportation cost at the same time.

三. Coowin Group Instruction

       Coowin Group is a professional enterprise specialized in wood plastic material from research to selling with 17 years history. By now our products have been exported to more than 80 countries around the world. The products quality match with global standards, and also have a competitive price. It’s our honor to be the symbol of top quality wood plastic material in China.

四.Cooperation Ways

      The cooperation way depends on different country situation, please contact Coowin Business Department for more details. E-mail as follow:

五.Potential Profit & Deep Cooperation

      Currently Coowin Group is in a development period of active Africa market exploring. We have exported 50 containers of wood plastic materials to Africa by annual by now, and we do believe this number will increase 2-3 times in the near future.


      For our Africa agent partners, we will give strong support. And for some excellent agent who wants further develop, we will be glad to invest together even build our own factory in Africa and share the success. By setting up factory, we will also reduce the cost, taxes and other fees of wood plastic purchasing for our customers.

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