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Co- extruded wpc flooring



Min order:300mm²


Length:2.2m, 2.7m,5.4m or custom.

  • Specification
  • Color & Surface
  • Installation
  • Packaging & Shipping
  • Co- extruded wpc flooring

  • color & surface
  • Main components:

    First step: prepare the substructure
    1.  Ensure good drainage. for this reason lay the substructure with a slight gradient of 1% to 1.5% away from thehouse, laid lengthwise. Keep the joist at least 10mm from the walls or other obstacles to allow for expansion ofthe WPC products.

    2.  Please keep the distance of two joists at maximum 30cm between centers complete flat or slightly slopped concrete ground Then we come to the step of installing supporting joist.

    Attention point:
    1. Normally the joist should be fixed by expansion screws to the concrete at a distance of about 30cm.
    2. If the decking project is very big, you can also lay the support joists floating on the base to allow for movement without fixing.
    3. Please note that it is an absolute must that the decking surface is mounted  flat and no water can collect on the surface or in the chambers. If water collects in the chambers for a longer period the boards start cupping and waving because of the moisture expansion., so please leave the surface inclined 1,5-2% in board direction so that there is no danger of water collection.


    1. Please make sure that there is one joist under one deck board at any time, especially when there are two deck boards meet together. Never allow two deck boards ends share one keel, otherwise the deck board might be shrink and fall off from keels or have other problems.
    2. Make sure that the decking project sections extend by no more than 10mm over the support joists.

  • Pallet 

     Stretch film+Carton+Plywood+Waterproof cloth


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